Maria was cropping plants and Miranda asks where she kept her PS4 and Maria says she never knew after Isaias and Isidore are struggling to who should get the remote that Isidore watches Discovery Family every 6:30p on Fridays and Sundays, Suddenly boxes start appearing in Osmond's room and Matthew's room which trapping Omar and Martin and taking them to the house of the Emonics. Omar searches if Martin is in his box, Then one Emonic was trying to suck Martin into the thermostat, So he can turn in to temperature. Suddenly, Omar frightenly runs away, Then the Emonics' house vanished then the Emonics turned into zombies.

Part 2 Edit

Osmond plans to go to the Lakewoods. Then a box falls on Joey, Miranda, Maria, Percy and Josiah's heads which leads to trapping them. Then, The phone calls, Osmond answers it. The call said "Weeee wwwwillll kkkkillll Praasscallla Jjooneeurr" Priscilla Jr. starts running around then Mason and Oakley